Cheer & Chow is a market place offering a variety of goods, drinks, and America’s favorite foods. Cheer & Chow focuses on offering customers unique foods and goods in a high energy, fun, and trendy atmosphere. Our orientation portrays a reflection of our philosophy on life….Live life in a Big Way!!! Our food, goods, and atmosphere shout fearlessness and adventurousness, and are trendy, quirky and witty.

The origin of the name Cheer & Chow derived from wanting to find something that described good mood, great times, and excellent food and market items. Cheer meaning euphoric mood and an uplifted spirit…and Chow meaning informal yet delicious food. Cheer & Chow were a perfect pair.


After bringing a virtually unknown franchise business to a new market and making it mean something to thousands of local fans, Martin and Lindsey knew they were on to something. Their ability to make an unknown business mean something and their unwavering belief in themselves led to the birth of Cheer & Chow.

Who says you have to follow the rules! Breaking all the rules is exactly what Martin and Lindsey did when they started Cheer & Chow! The menu and concept probably feels like a bit of an experiment, but this weird science makes Cheer & Chow unique and different from most food concepts. Each store is different from the next, and is tailored to fit the neighborhood and the people who dig Cheer & Chow.

Cheer & Chow started from a desire to create a place that was cool and different, that could be flexible in its offerings, could provide a social setting which consumers of all backgrounds would appreciate, and would give people a break from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life!

Save the world from “food boredom” with great eats and good times!!! If you didn’t have a good time, we didn’t give you Cheer & Chow! Our Mission is to become the preferred market concept for individuals between the ages of 18-35 living in college or urban markets.

  1. Stay Classy Forget about the Joneses! Stay true to our uniqueness and lead the way.
  2. Ain’t Nuthin but a Cheer & Chow Thang! Taking care of our team and our customers is just what we do, and we have fun doing it!!!
  3. Life is better at Cheer & Chow We give our customers more than a perfect 10 every time!
  4. 99 problems but Cheer & Chow ain’t one! We don’t stand by idle, we get out and support our community! Also, we have certain items flagged on our menu that are focused on giving back – food with purpose.